Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is TNDC?


 What is proposed at this site?

Where are we in the planning, design, and approvals process?

Who will have the opportunity to live here?

What is “family housing”?

Who qualifies for affordable family housing?

How many apartment units will there be and how tall is the building?

How much parking will be provided?

I’ve heard references to environmental issues and Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). Is the site safe for the development?

I live in the Sunset. How can I provide input on the development’s design?

What is the development entitlement and approval process?

How can the City allow a residential development to have no parking?

How is TNDC taking input from the community?

Will there be units set aside for persons with an experience of homelessness? 


How was the site selected?


How is the unit and income mix determined?


How is the height of the building determined? 


How will project shadows impact the surrounding neighborhood? 


Will TNDC conduct an analysis of wind impacts caused by the proposed building?


What is the project schedule and timeline? 


How will TNDC ensure that the building will be safe?


What role does TNDC play to ensure that residents have housing stability?


What is the DTSC outreach process?


How will this development benefit the surrounding neighborhood?


Will a traffic impact analysis be conducted?