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Proposed Affordable Family Housing


The Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) is working with the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) and former Supervisor Mar to develop 100-percent affordable multi-family housing, targeted for San Francisco’s essential workers. In the past decade, the Sunset District has lost a disproportionately high number of affordable rental homes with too few new units being built, even though the district is home to many working families.

Currently the development is proposed as a seven-story building (per zoning) that includes: 

  • 90 residential units

  • 50% of residential units will be 2- and 3-bedroom apartments

  • Community meeting room on the ground floor

  • 18 on-site car parking spaces

  • Onsite secured parking for at least 90 bicycles

  • Green spaces, including a rear courtyard 

Who would live here?

The proposed development is intended to provide family-friendly housing for San Francisco’s essential workers: households that earn between $28,000 and $106,550 and have jobs in fields like healthcare, childcare, education, non-profit services, construction, and retail. The Sunset has the third highest number of children in San Francisco’s eleven districts, and 2550 Irving’s proximity to high performing schools makes it a great location for family affordable housing.  

Consistent with MOHCD policy and TNDC’s mission, many of the apartments will be reserved for households who live in the Sunset or have been displaced from housing in San Francisco, expanding access and opportunities for families and children. Additionally, 25% of the apartments will serve families with direct experiences of homelessness referred through the City’s Coordinated Entry System (CES), in accordance with City requirements.


I live near the proposed project. How can I be involved in the process?

Our goal is to work with the community to make this a building that honors the Sunset’s history and existing architecture. You can provide input on the design and the building’s program by participating in community meetings or reaching out directly to TNDC staff at or 415-735-5514.


About TNDC

At TNDC, we believe that everyone deserves to thrive. Since 1981 we've supported tenants and community members in building transformative communities through Homes, Health, and Voice. Over the course of 40 years we’ve innovated supportive housing practices with onsite social workers and wellness programming that meet unique community needs while respecting cultural difference. Today, over 5,800 people are housed across our 43 buildings and in a few years we will reach over 10,000 people. 

Rooted in the Tenderloin with branches across seven San Francisco neighborhoods, including the Richmond, the Haight, the Mission, and Western Addition, TNDC strives to work alongside communities and meet people where they're at. We believe that only together we can build a future with economic and racial equity.

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For More Information


Contact us for more information, to sign up for our project email list, or to request a briefing. 


We look forward to hearing from you!


 Call: (415) 735-5514

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