June, 2021


In order to complete the purchase of the 2550 Irving property and fund engagement and design, TNDC will hold the next community meeting as early as August rather than July as originally envisioned. We are in the process of studying the great suggestions we received at April’s community meeting, and want to make sure we’re able to deliver results to the feedback we’ve received to the greatest extent possible.


In the meantime, we are approaching the first milestone toward TNDC purchasing the 2550 Irving property. In July, the Board of Supervisors will consider approving a loan to TNDC to fund site acquisition and predevelopment activities that include community engagement and building design. There will continue to be opportunities to provide input on design. 


In lieu of a community meeting in July, TNDC held an affordable housing tour on July 9th. 




為完成2550 Irving街的房產購買、基金參與和設計,TNDC最早將於8月而不是原先設想的7月舉辦下一次社區會議。我們目前正在研究在4月社區會議上收到的很好的建議,並希望確保我們能夠最大程度地根據收到的反饋提供方案。


我們距離TNDC成功購買2500 Irving街這房產的第一個里程碑已經不遠了。 7月市參事會將考慮通過批准TNDC的貸款申請,其將可以購置房產及繼續支持一下項目開發的前期工作例如社區參與會議及樓宇的設計。 日後將繼續有更多機會可以給予社區對項目的設計進行反饋。


代替 7 月的社區會議,TNDC 於 7 月 9 日舉辦了經濟適用房之旅。

Affordable Housing on the

Irving Street Commercial Corridor

SOMA_Grandfather-Grandkids_2017_Erin Lub

New Housing Opportunities for Families,

close to

Golden Gate Park

and High-performing Schools

Community Events

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