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October 15, 2021


Thank you for participating in Community Meeting #3 held on September 23. During the meeting we shared project updates, presented rendering​s and gathered feedback on design elements. Click here to access the meeting recording and materials in Cantonese and English.

Initially we had hoped to have a Project Update meeting at the end of October however we need some additional time to incorporate feedback from the community and the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development.​ Please continue to check back on this website to find the most current information. We will also send out an email with the details of the ​rescheduled Project Update meeting as soon as possible.


2021年, 10月15日

謝謝您參與我們在9/23日舉辦的第三場社區會議。 在會議中,我們分享了項目的 新,展示了項目建築的透視圖,及收集了大家針對設計元素的意見和反饋。請點擊這 裡獲得會議的錄像及相關的廣東英文資料。


Comm Mtg 3 Renderings-6_edited.png

A Growing and Flourishing Neighborhood

Affordable Housing on the

Irving Street Commercial Corridor

SOMA_Grandfather-Grandkids_2017_Erin Lub

New Housing Opportunities for Families,

close to

Golden Gate Park

and High-performing Schools

Community Events

For details about previous events, visit our ‘View Past Community Events’ page



TNDC & Supervisor Mar’s office will hold a series of community meetings in 2021. Join our mailing list to stay informed!

Thank you!

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